List of Competitions


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Social Design AwardExcellence in Design AwardConstruction and Real Estate Projects Design AwardEnergy Products and Devices Design Award
Fashion and Jewellery Design AwardDesign Quality and Innovation AwardHuman Resources and HR Programs Design AwardAerospace and Aircraft Design Award
Core Resources Manufacturing and Extraction Design AwardInterior Design AwardDiligence and Intelligence in Design AwardComputer Graphics and 3D Model Design Award
Furniture Accessories, Hardware and Materials Design Award AwardTextile, Fabric, Textures, Patterns and Cloth Design AwardSpacecraft, Spaceplanes and Spaceship Design AwardFashion and Travel Accessories Design Award
Materials, Building Components and Texture Design AwardDigital and Electronic Devices Design AwardAdvertising, Marketing and Communication Design AwardFootwear, Shoes and Boots Design Award Award
Musical Instruments Design AwardMethods, Techniques and Strategies Design AwardPhotography and Photo Manipulation Design AwardSustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Award
Sales, Contact Center and Customer Service Design AwardBathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design AwardArts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design AwardDisposable and Single-Use Product Design Award
Information Technologies Design AwardLegwear, Pantyhose and Hosiery Design AwardStructured Product Design AwardSecurity and Surveillance Products Design Award
Car and Land Based Motor Vehicles Design AwardRadical Innovation and New Technologies Design AwardCybernetics, Prosthesis and Bio-Engineering Design AwardMobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award
Food and Culinary Design AwardEngineering, Construction and Infrastructure Design AwardConcealed, Hidden and Secret Design Award
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